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The Rules of Procedure
Functions of the Co-ordinator
Political Leadership
Distribution of Meeting Documents
Composition of GHEITI Standing sub-Committees
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5.       Functions of the Co-ordinator

The Co-ordinator shall be Head of the GHEITI Secretariat. In addition to exercising the responsibilities provided under the Secretariat section, the Coordinator shall :

  • Within limits of the rules and procedures established by the MSG, be empowered to undertake such management actions as shall be necessary for the implementation of GHEITI’s strategic thrust and obligations.
  • Manage the day- to- day operations of the Secretariat and to implement the policies and strategies adopted by the MSG
  • Ensure that rules, procedures, work plans and programmes of Ghana EITI are properly executed.
  • monitor activities of the Secretariat to ensure that  work plan targets are met.
  • provide the MSG with timely, relevant and accurate information.
  • Ensure that effective channels of communication with key stakeholders exist and are used.
  • Be accountable to the MSG for the achievement of the GHEITI’s goals
  • Act within all specific authorities delegated to him by the chairperson or the MSG
  • perform other duties as may be assigned him by the MSG from time to time.

The other duties of the coordinator include;

  • raising matters that may warrant the attention of the MSG,
  • organising Committee meetings and
  • recording minutes of all meetings and ensuring that minutes are kept for reference purposes.

6.       GHEIT Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG)

The GHEITI MSG is a multi-stakeholder body consisting of Government Agencies, Civil Society Groups and Extractive Industry Companies. It is the governing body for the EITI process in Ghana. The composition of Ghana EITI National Steering Committee is as follows;

  • The Ministry of Finance
  • The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Petroleum
  • GNPC
  • Office of the President
  • The Minerals Commission
  • Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands
  • Ghana Revenue Authority
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • CSO relevant to the Oil/Gas
  • The Ghana Chamber of Mines
  • Mining Companies  on rotational basis
  • Oil/Gas Companies to participate on a rotational basis

Representative of District/Municipal Assemblies in mining areas to be rotated among affected districts.

  • Representative of the District Assemblies in the areas of the oil find to be rotated among affected districts.

7.       Appointment to the GHEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group

Appointments to the MSG shall be made by the Minister of Finance upon the receipt of independent nominations from the various stakeholders represented on the Committee

A person nominated or elected as a member of the MSG shall hold office for six (6) years and may be re-elected.
A member of the MSG may resign his or her office at any time upon serving notice to the Chair.

8.       Removal from Office

A member of the MSG may be removed from office on the recommendation of the MSG for reasons of conflict of interest or proven misconduct.

Where the MSG recommends the removal of a member on the grounds stated above, the appointing authority shall accordingly withdraw the nomination, appointment and/or election of the said member and the nominating constituency shall within four (4) weeks replace the said member.

9.       Independence of the Multi-Stakeholder Group

The MSG shall be independent and free from any political interference in the execution of its mandate. Each represented stakeholder shall wield equal power and shall not be coerced into making a decision.

10.     Mandate of the GHEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group

  • The MSG shall be responsible for the formulation of policies, programmes and strategies for the effective implementation of the objectives and the discharge of the functions of the GHEITI.
  • The MSG shall :
  • approve the annual budget and work-plan of the GHEITI and ensure the periodic review of programmes and performance of the GHEITI.
  • approve the procurement of all services necessary for the effective implementation of the policies and programmes of the GHEITI;
  • approve and authorise publications of GHEITI reports taking into account any dissenting views of any member of the MSG;
  • apply the appropriate sanctions against any entity or agency failing to submit a report or information or otherwise comply with the requirements of the GHEITI;
  • adopt rules necessary for the internal governance of the GHEITI; and
  • adopt measures and take actions necessary for achieving the mandate and objectives of the GHEITI.


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